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April 9, 2005
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FFB4 - in Space Is The Place by fattyfattybowler FFB4 - in Space Is The Place by fattyfattybowler
Fattys 4th adventure!

I drew this on A3, a mistake I will NEVER make again! Took ages to scan the seperate parts and stick them together on photoshop!!!!! ARGH!!!!

Yay for cosmonauts!!! Isn't that a much cooler name than Astronauts? I think so...

And yes all books on library shelves are green, it is a well know fact! Stupid!

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#4 Fatty Fatty Bowler in Space is the Place
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#6 Fatty Fatty Bowler in Bat Attack
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LOL... oh man, you keep coming with good ideas.
*laughs* Oh, Fatty, you are a lucky pig indeed. :P

This is great! I hope you make many more of these. Your style is so unique. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this on devart before. Kudos to ya.
Hey thanks a lot! I will hopefully make more but work at college is really taking over my life at t moment :( But I will - just you wait!!!!!
I have fianlyl read all four and I found them to get more and mroe amusing as I went on. You did a good job. anything that makes me laugh because it's funny, and not because it's so horrible i have to laugh, is good. I like laughing.
Im glad you enjoyed them! I promise to do some more at some point but not promising that it will be soon. PLease bear`with me :)
very cool comic. this makes me chuckle with delight.
Thank you very much :)
Awesome! I laughed out loud thrice and giggled just as many times. That's a lot of laughs for one strip.

And it has space travel, communists, cosmonauts, Beatles references, a Blur quote and just plain stupidness. Yay! Lots of things I like packed into 7 cells of comic goodness.
Haha, I did try and pack a lot in but a blur quote? That was accidental?? Which one???

Thanks for the :+fav: :hug:
"Space is the place" is the ending refrain in "Swamp Song", which is on the album "13" ... I think... I know it's one of the songs on 13, and I'm pretty sure it's Swamp Song... I have an excellent memory for only the most pointless things.
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